Getting Olympia’s Apple Orchard Ready for 2010

apples orchard petalumaWe have already begun preparations and plan to plant more apple trees this spring. Our friend and Permaculture Keyline Design guru, Rusty Davis, has laid out a new plot to expand the orchard. Using a Yeoman’s plow, Rusty created some beautiful “s” curves with small berms into which we will plant new trees next year.

I have ordered more trees from Trees of Antiquity.  Several varieties that we sold out of before our customers had had enough were Honeycrisp, Cinnamon Spice, and Gravenstein, so we will plant more! We will also try some varieties that were much requested, such as Winesap, Macintosh and Pippin. I do not know how they will do in our climate, so I will just plant 2 of each as a trial. One other variety highly recommended is Crown Prince Rudolph, an heirloom tree from Austria, 1860. It is said to be sweet and mildly spiced with a fine texture and is a standout among 200+ varieties in a Pacific Northwest orchard. I can’t wait to see how these new trees will do, but I’ll have to be patient as it will be a few years before we will have crop to harvest from. Talk about slow food!


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Lou Ann O'Connnell September 5, 2010 at 8:59 pm

How absolutely wonderful! Grandma (Olympia) Tresch would be so very proud. Wish I could be there to share in this lesson and fun. I pray for all to have a wonderful time. Have a bite for me.

Blessings to my family,

Lou Ann

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