The Changing of the Seasons

Meanwhile, although the apples are all picked, there is still much to do.
The orchard floor has sprouted a green carpet of clover and the leaves left
on the trees are turning deep shades of red and bronze. There is a
sprinkling of yellow leaves from the tall ash trees that are the wind
break west of the orchard. It is very beautiful. I’ve been mulching and
pruning in the orchard hedgerow, which is a beneficial insect and
pollinator habitat. I have planted more Osier Creek Dogwood and coppiced
the yellow willow. The coppicing produced some very nice straight poles,
from 4 to 8 feet in length and about 1 to 2 ” diameter. Next year I will
use the poles to brace up branches on the apple trees that are heavy with
fruit. I took the odds and ends of the coppiced cuttings and walked along
the riparian corridor where I stuck them in along the stream banks to
prevent erosion and provide shade and habitat. In the spring, new
leaves will bud out from the bare sticks and new yellow willow trees
will be on the way.


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